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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Have you read the instructions for authors
  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration
  • The submission includes the author's name, affiliations and contact information in a correct format and sequence
  • References will be in "Chicago" style.
    and mentioned at the end of the article, in (Times New Roman) font, size 12
  • Have you cited sources appropriately?

Author Guidelines

1. The research has not been published or will be published in scientific journal elsewhere.

2. The research focuses on the subject under study without theoretical introductions, extensions, or unnecessary additions. The rauthor is satisfied with referring to the references that dealt with that when necessary.

3. The title should reflect the problem of the study, and its words should not exceed 14 words.

4. Author's names should be written in both Arabic and English, their current job titles, academic ranks, and official emails, if any, are mentioned

5. The hierarchy of authors and their roles must be correctly written (Main Author, Co_authors, Corresponding Author).

6. 6.The main and sub headings should write the article in a language (Arabic, English or French) in addition to one of the two languages (Arabic, English) within your search to split parts of the search according to their importance and the logical sequence of the main headings: Title, Abstract, Words, Introduction, Content Search Results, conclusion, references.

7. The abstract should include the objective, summary of the work, conclusion. The author (s) should write the abstract in a clear, comprehensive, practical manner, and the research results should be expressed in a scientific way.

8. The keywords should be mentioned after the abstract in the languages of the article, it should express the field of the article 

9. The article should include in its conclusion a statement of the author's findings, recommendations, and proposals for future studies in the same field. 

10. The list of references is at the end of the article. Must be diverse, reliable and preferably including new studies.

11. Notes are mentioned at the end, taking into account its sequence in the article.

12. References must be written in the English language, obligatory and electronically, according to the Chicago style, and numbered with Roman sequence.

Chicago style, explained in detail in the following websites:  Chicago style explanation, 1 Chicago style explanation,2

13. Information extracted from unreliable web sites is not accepted, but only those that depend on published articles in international or local journals, books, theses for doctorates and master's theses.

14. Manuscripts should not exceed 30 pages, all inclusive (including cover page, abstract, text, references, tables, figures), presented in Microsoft Office Word, on page size: A4 (21 cm, 29.7 cm), line and paragraph spacing will
be 1.5, the margins of page be Normal (Top: 2.54 Bottom: 2:54 Right:3.18 Left: 3.18).

15. The authors must clarify any conflict of interest.

16. Where one or multiple data sets are associated with a manuscript, these are not formally peer reviewed as a part of the journal submission process. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure the soundness of data. Any errors in the data rest solely with the producers of the data set(s).
17. present acknowledgment of sponsored funding institution or supportive for conducting the study, if exists.

18. Plagiarism checked with professional software Turnitin.

Important note: If any fraud is proven to circumvent plagiarism, the author (s) involved will be prohibited from publishing in the journal.

At the same time, the journal will inform its subsidiaries formally to take appropriate action

19. The article should be written in a sound language, all references coveraged and the conclusion justified in clear manner

20.The manuscript is subject to evaluation by peer reviewers, and the author(s) makes the suggested revisions that the reviewers see as necessary. If the author(s) is not satisfied with some points, they may be answered on a separate paper. The manuscript will be rejected if the two peer reviews find a low-quality manuscript or reject it because substantial amendments are needed.

21. If the manuscript is accepted and the suggested revisions are made, then the author(s) should submit one corrected copy with a CD – Microsoft Word- and will be matched with a member of the editorial board. The author(s) will pay the fees of the publication. The author(s) should be provided with a sealed paper confirming the publication acceptance.

22. An article may not be published in another scientific journal after its acceptance without written acceptance from the editorial board.

23. The author (s) are obligated to pay reviewing charges even if the article is not accepted.

24. The original manuscript doesn't returned after approval by the editorial board.

Privacy Statement

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