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Journal of Legal Sciences, a semi-annual scientific journal issued by College of Law - University of Baghdad, concerned with the publication of research and legal studies and jurisprudence and summaries in university, as well as the conferences and seminars held by the College of law.

The journal is one of the oldest legal journals in Iraq, the first issue was in 1969, and continues so far in the extension of the issuance to all faculties of law in Iraqi universities and government institutions, as well as "the ministries and related institutions.

Researchers from inside and outside Iraq publish their legal research in Arabic, English and French in the journal. It has been accredited for the academic promotion of university professors and has been given the standard classification since 2008. It has identifier number in the Iraqi Book and Documentation House (675) for the year 1998.

The Journal published in two volumes each year, as well as on the number of research papers of the teaching staff with postgraduate students, and the special preparation of the researches of the legal conferences held by the College of Law - Baghdad University.

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Vol. 38 (2023): Journal of Legal Sciences/ Volume 38/ Second Issue 2023
Published: 2023-08-31

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