Publication Guide

Publication Instructions

The study or research submitted for publication shall not be published in another journal or be part of a published book or a university thesis prepared by the researcher.

The research should be printed "on (A4) paper and shall be corrected" linguistically and meet the scientific and methodological conditions.

The researcher should mention his / her triple name, certificate, scientific rank, affiliation, official email, and Arabic and English.

The researcher mentions the name of the research in both Arabic and English.

Put the margins at the end of the search, taking into account the sequence in the numbering from start to finish

Sources numbering in Roman numerals

Write the titles of the research items (introduction, research, requirement, branch, conclusion, margins and sources) Arabic and English.

All researches shall be subject to scientific evaluation and the researcher shall be obliged to make the amendments according to the observations made by the experts.

Each researcher undertakes not to publish his research after being notified of his acceptance of publication in this journal in any other period without the prior permission of the editorial board.

Any researcher who accepts his research for publication in the Journal of Legal Sciences shall be granted a copy of the issue of the journal or the recipients of the research.

Research submitted for publication in the journal does not respond to the owners whether accepted or not accepted.

The research expresses the opinion of the researcher, and the editorial board is not responsible for what is stated therein.

The number of search pages shall not be less than (15) pages and not more than (30) pages. If the number of search pages exceed the prescribed limit, the amount of (5000) five thousand Dinars shall be met for each additional page.

Publication of researches for those who hold the title (teacher) and above, to ensure the scientific side of the journal, except for the faculty professors who hold the title of (assistant teacher).

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